McFarm McDonald's 1995
Ronald in a tractor. When pushed Ronald moves up and down
Birdie pushing a wheel barrow.
As you push it along the chicks move up and down
Hamburglar driving a combine harvester with corn in the drum
Grimace in a corn truck. Bits of corn jump about when the truck is pushed along
Bontempi Music McDonald's 1994
Ronald Kazoo
Birdie Organ
Hamburglar Flute
Grimace Pan Pipes
McPocket McDonald's 1997
Soft Drink with Hamburglar
Ice Cream containing Grimace
French fries with Birdie
Hamburger with Ronald
McRodeo McDonald's 1993
Ronald in a yellow barrel with 4 stars and a red/white target. Pops-up  
Grimace on Horseback, wind up where the brown horse gallops around in a small circle  
Birdie rope girl. When wound, she twirls the rope around her head  
Hamburglar cowboy wearing red dungarees, black cowboy hat and cape. Walks when wound  
McTown McDonald's 1993
Ronald in shoes car with restaurant (red roof)  
Birdie in blue Jeep, with fruit market (blue roof)
Grimace in green engine, with toy shop (yeloow roof)  
Fry Guys in red fire truck with fire station (green roof)
McTwisting Sports McDonald's 1993
Ronald, on a trampoline, 'jumps' up and down
Hamburglar, lifts weights
Grimace, ball spins on top of head and arms move
Birdie, plays badmitton  
McWeatherman Kit McDonald's 1993
Weather recorder Ronald
Birdie Raingauge
Windgauge Hamburglar
Thermometer Grimace
McWinter Sports McDonald's 1994
Ronald skiing, wind-up
Birdie iceskater
Hamburglar in snowmobile, pulling sled, wind-up
Grimace in snowplow, wind-up