Airport McDonald's 1996
Ronald's airplane service truck
Grimace's jet, red button which
releases the tow truck
Hamburglar's airplane tractor,
clips onto the jet
Birdie's helicopter, when
pushed the rotor spins off
Circus Parade McDonald's 1989
Ronald the ringmaster in the car. Radiator grill moves in and out when car is pushed
Birdie bareback on horseback, holding a small parasol
Funny Fry on an elephant
Grimace on the barell organ. Sat in a red/blue car, arms move when car is pushed.
Connecta Cars McDonald's 1991
Ronald in a red roadster
Birdie in a Pink sport coupe
Grimace in a white speedster
Hamburglar in a yellow cabriolet

Each car splits in two front-to-back, so you can form a
10 wheel limo using one front and four rears all together

Fast Macs McDonald's 1985
Ronald in yellow Jeep
Birdie in pink sun cruiser
Hamburglar in red sport car
Big Mac in white police car

Happy Meal Band

McDonald's 1993
Ronald on guitar, wivels from side
to side, arms move
Birdie, opens her mouth and
sways from side to side
Hamburglar, taps the drum with
his sticks
Grimace, walks and moves his sax
I Like Bikes McDonald's 1992
Ronald Water Bottle 
Birdie Spinner
Grimace Mirror
Fry Guy Hooter 

Intergalactic Adventure

McDonald's 1995

Red buggy with a yellow suited Ronald
Green buggy with Grimace driving
Blue buggy with space shuttle top
Yellow buggy with Robot top
McCharacters on Bikes McDonald's 1991