Disneyland Adventures 40 years McDonald's 1995

Mickey / Space Mountain
Peter Pan / Fantasmia
Aladdin&Jasmine / Aladdin's Oasis 
King Louie / Jungle Cruise
Roger Rabbit / Mickey's Toontown
Simba / Lion King Celebration
Brer Bear / Splash Mountain
Winnie / Big Thunder Mountain
Disneyland Paris McDonald's 1996
Minnie, in a cottage, lilac with dark pink hearts
Mickey in a castle, pink lower, blue upper
Daisy in Small World
Donald Duck in Space Mountain, dark blue, orange roof with a gold cannon attatched to it

Disneyland Paris

McDonald's 1997

Mickey Mouse, wearing a red uniform / dark pink base
Minnie Mouse, wearing a pink dress / light blue base
Pluto, dressed in white suit / dark blue base
Goofy, wearing an all brown 'Davy Crocket' type outfit / orange base
Donald Duck, wearing a safari suit and pith helmet / green base  

Disneyland Paris

McDonald's 1998

Mickey Mouse Face Mask
Left Hand Mitten
Right Hand Mitten
Cap and Mickey ears.
Cotton cap with Disneyland Paris logo on the front, the yellow M logo on the back.
Ears are black plastic and come as 3 pieces.
Disneyland Paris McDonald's 1999
Head/viewer of Disneyland Paris pictures  
Arms, water squirter, black with white mittens  
Boby, binoculars, red  
Feet, with 2 colors ink-pad, yellow & black  

Disneyland Paris

McDonald's 2000

Donald Duck  

Disneyland Paris

McDonald's 2001

Disneyland Paris McDonald's 2002

EuroDisney McDonald's 1992
Tigger in a spinning tea cup. When pushed, Tigger and the cup rotate in opposite directions  
Pongo in the fire engine
Chip n' Dale in the locomotive. When pushed, Chip n' Dale and locomotive's chimney move
Capt'n Hook in the boat with removable cream sails. Hook turns when the ship moves along  
Disney Classic McDonald's 1999