The Little Mermaid

McDonald's 1988

Ariel the Mermaid
Prince Eric (in boat) with |Sebastian (the crab) in his hand
Ursula.Has a sucker on her back to stick to the side of the bath
Flounder the fish. Squirt toy

Little Mermaid
X-Mas Ornament

McDonald's 1989

no picture


The Little Mermaid

Burger King 1993

Ariel, lying on the turtle's back  
Sebastian - Wind Up  
Urchin squirt gun  

The Little Mermaid

McDonald's 1997

Prince Eric in Row boat  
Ariel with Seahorse  
Flounder - rolls  
Ursula the Sea Witch - inflatable   
Swimming Dog  
Sebastian - wind up  
Scuttle - wind up  

The Little Mermaid

McDonald's 1998

Ariel with the dissapearing fork trick
Glut the levatating shark
Scuttle the Seagull (wind up toy)
Sebastian the crab (wind up toy)

The Little Mermaid II

McDonald's 2000