1997 Jully-December

Water Fun 2 Jully  
Barbie August  
Dutch Barbie
Barbie Mexicain Barbie
Japonese Barbie  
Kenyan Barbie  
Hot Wheels August  
Crackle Car  
Flam Stamp
Roarin' Rod
Dark Rider
Notre Dame September  
Quasimodo and the bird, wind-up
Clacking Jester
Juggling Ball Gargoyles
Plastic Mask
Les Coffrets Mystère October- November  
Merlin, with paper looking glass,
a little book  and 5 cards
The Aristocats, with glasses to see the three-dimensional pictures
Robin Hood, with glasses to see 2 hidden drawings within the book
Jungle Book, with reusable stickers
Bernard & Bianca, with transparent paper to see drawings
Hercules December  
Hercules, springy arm
Megara, wind up  
Philoctetes on pillar, wind up
Hades, with Pain & Panic
Hydra, snake with 3 heads