1997 January-June

Aladdin January  

Maitre D' Genie
Abu sitting on flying carpet
Iago on the trolley full of gold
Space Jam  February  
Bugs Bunny
Sylvester & Tweety
Lola Bunny
Daffy Duck
101 Dalmatians March  
In the paint pot  
With the blue cap  
In a gift  
With crown  
Soccer player  
In the car  
In the landau  
Disneyland Paris April  
Mickey Mouse, wearing a red uniform / dark pink base
Minnie Mouse, wearing a pink dress / light blue base
Pluto, dressed in white suit / dark blue base
Goofy, wearing an all brown 'Davy Crocket' type outfit / orange base  
Donald Duck, wearing a safari suit and pith helmet / green base  
McPocket May  
Soft Drink with Hamburglar
Ice Cream containing Grimace
French fries with Birdie
Hamburger with Ronald
The Lady & The Tramp June  
Lady in a dog house
Tramp in a barrel
Si and Am, their heads move
Trusty, moves his head