1996 Jully-December

The Goofy Movie Jully  
Goofy, twists at the waist
Big Foot
Roxanne, poseable, ead turns
Max, wearing yellow top. Arms swivel up & down at the shoulder
Pleasure Island August  
Ronald lying in the hammock. When you push down on it the hammock swings palmier
Birdie with a shark
Fry Kids Totem pole
Grimace in a grass skirt.
Wind-up, he dances a Hawian dance
Peter Pan September  
Peter Pan Viewer (different picture inside than the US toy from Disney parade)
Wendy, that circles around a totem pole ( 3 pieces)
Tinker Bell with moving wings
Captain Hook
Collège Menu September  
Barbie October  
Hot Skatin'
Cool Country
Lifeguard Barbie
Dance Moves
Hotwheels October  
Yellow car  
Purple car  
Orange car  
Blue Car  

Amazing Wildlife 


Dromedary Camel
Koala Bear
Asiatic Lion
Siberian Tiger

Notre Dame


Esmeralda, glows in the dark
Phoebus, arms, head and waist move
Quasimodo, climbs up a rope
Frollo with pop-up arms when you push down on his head
3 Gargoyles