1995 January-June

Speedies January  
Ronald, in red car
Birdie, in silver
Grimace, in blue plane
Hamburglar, driving a green
double decker bus
Sonic February  
Miles / Tails / Prow
Dr. Ivo Robotnik
Sonic / Hegehog
Airport March  
Ronald's airplane service truck
Grimace's jet, red button which
releases the tow truck
Hamburglar's airplane tractor,
clips onto the jet
Birdie's helicopter, when
pushed the rotor spins off
101 Dalmatians April  
Colonel with Sgt.Tibbs on his back
Intergalactic Adventure May  
Red buggy with a yellow suited Ronald
Green buggy with Grimace driving
Blue buggy with space shuttle
Yellow buggy with Robot top
Animaniacs June  

Bicycle Built for Trio  
Upside Down Yakko   
Dot's Ice Cream Wagon  
Goodskate Goodfeathers