1994 Jully-December

The Flintstones Jully  
Roc Donald's Restaurant, with four sliding panels that slide back to reveal the interior
Bus, with 3 legs which appear to walk when the bus is pushed along
Fred, on a dinosaur. Moves up and down
Wilma and Dino in the car. Dino's head pops up and down through the hole in the roof
Lego Syteme September  
Asterix October  
Asterix in boat, with moving sail when you push - 2 parts-
Obélix, wind up
Idefix, wind up
Dolphin, wind up

McWinter Sports


Ronald skiing, wind-up
Birdie iceskater
Hamburglar in snowmobile, pulling sled, wind-up
Grimace in snowplow, wind-up

The Lion King


Scar, a wind-up that walks
Young Simba, springy legs
Pumbaa with Timon (As it is moved, Timon rotates on Pumba's back)
Zazu, wind-up blue bird (When
wound up, the figure hops about)