1993 Jully-December

Happy Meal Band Jully  
Ronald on guitar, wivels from side
to side, arms move
Birdie, opens her mouth and
sways from side to side
Hamburglar, taps the drum with
his sticks
Grimace, walks and moves his sax
Bambi August  
Bambi (european has a different color)
Friend Owl
McTwisting Sports September  
Ronald, on a trampoline, 'jumps' up and down
Hamburglar, lifts weights
Grimace, ball spins on top of head and arms move
Birdie, plays badmitton  
Barbie October  
My First Ballerina
Crystal Heart
Hollywood Hair
Sea Holiday
Hotwheels October  
Sand Stinger
Taran Shewa
Slash Cat
Slaughter Jaws



Aladdin & Jasmine - pull back racer
Jafar - arms & attached cloth cape raise
Genie in Lamp - twist to raise
Sultan Wobble



Ronald in shoes car with restaurant (red roof)  
Birdie in blue Jeep, with fruit market (blue roof)
Grimace in green engine, with toy shop (yeloow roof)  
Fry Guys in red fire truck with fire station (green roof)